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Why I Read/Write Historical Romance, #FallBackinTime (Contest)


One day a year, we—most of us anyway—get a chance to go backward in time. Well, sort of. It’s not really time travel, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the closest we’re going to get to it, in all likelihood. And last year, a group of historical romance authors decided to use the “Fall Back” idea to promote reading historical romance.

The basic idea is for historical romance fans to take a selfie while reading a histrom book and promote it all over social media using the #FallBackInTime hashtag on “Fall Back” day—which is November 1st this year for us United Statesians. (I know a lot of countries did this last week, but you can do it this week too.)


No, this is not me. I shamelessly stole it from the Historical Romance Network Facebook page.

Then there was the “Why I Read Historical Romance” and/or “Why I Write Historical Romance” promotion last May. Histrom fans posted memes of their reasons for reading/writing historical romance, preferably using beautiful photographs.

Sooo, I decided to incorporate both ideas for this year’s promotion. I created some memes that include the #FallBackInTime hashtag as well as the “Why I Read/Write Historical Romance. Can’t hurt, right? That way I can kill two birds with one stone… and use the same ones for next May’s promotion.


Have I ever mentioned I’m a rebel? [Evil laugh]

And I love contests, so here’s my proposal:

  1. Create a meme and/or a selfie using the hashtag #FallBackInTime.
  2. Post your meme(s) to my Facebook page (or email to me at susanaellisauthor@gmail.com if you don’t do Facebook).
  3. Post your meme(s) all over social media on November 1st. You can also post any of mine you wish. The more the better!
  4. I’ll award a prize to one random meme-poster and another to the one I like best.
  5. Prizes will be announced on Monday.

Prize for the best meme (Susana’s choice)

Some memes I created:

Why I Read Historical Romance

Why I Write Historical Romance

So… good luck, everyone! Have fun, but don’t spam (too much), and take an hour off to read a good historical romance.

Oh, and don’t forget the Bluestocking Belles’ Launch Party, from 4:00-9:00 p.m. EST. Lots of prizes to be had there as well!

Choice of a Susana Ellis mug or a Susana Ellis portfolio (notepad)

Prize for the random meme-poster: Choice of a Susana Ellis mug or a Susana Ellis portfolio (notepad)

Why I Write/Read Historical Romance (Giveaway)


#1 Courtship

I just really like it when the hero has to put in some effort to win the girl and they don’t just fall into bed at the first meeting.

regency courtship

#2 Strong Heroines

I wanna be Skye O’Malley!


#3 Heroes

Dare I mention Jamie Fraser? Kilts?


Click here for my post on everything Outlander.

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#4 Family Values

Well, I’m not claiming they are all good family values!


#5 Gowns

What’s not to like about a stunning ball gown? Especially when someone else has to wear the corset.


#6 Stately Homes

And don’t forget the servants to keep it all sparkling clean!

hatfield house

#7 Country Estates

Fresh air, sunshine, gardens (and gardeners). And don’t forget house parties!

Click here for some English manor houses on Pinterest.


#8 Favorite Authors

Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jean Plaidy, Elizabeth Chadwick, Susanna Kearsley, Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Laurens, Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick, Jo Beverley, Victoria Alexander, Carla Kelly… and many more!

Click here for Amazon’s Top 100 Historical Romance Authors!


Click here for a past post on Georgette Heyer.

#9 Almack’s Assembly Rooms

The Patronesses. The vouchers. The Marriage Mart. The dry cake. No waltzing without permission.

Click here for a past post on Almack’s.

#10 Pride & Prejudice

Colin Firth is the ultimate Darcy. Don’t you dare dispute it!


To be continued… by you! Why do you read or write historical romance?

A random commenter will win a set of sparkly stuffed Christmas ornaments from the UK!